Nordquist Designs

Ancient Bog Oak & Copper Nakiri

$825.00 USD
Like the entire Nordquist Designs line, this knife is of truly heirloom quality. Handcrafted in the British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley from locally-sourced materials, these kitchen tools are made to last generations. 
  • 52100 High Carbon Steel, 62 Rockwell C hardness.
  • Hand sanded bright finish. As with all carbon blades it will patina with use. Do not leave wet, dry after use. 
  • Natural ancient bog oak handle. Bog oak is between 3000-5000 years old. Bog oak is created when an oak tree falls into a swamp or bog. The bog waters preserve the wood and turn the tannins in three black. Found largely in Ukraine. It has been oiled with tung oil and buffed with white diamond. It is a good idea to oil from time to time.  
  • Hand textured copper insert. Copper will patina from use. If the customer wishes to have it bright again, all it take is a couple strokes of some fine steel wool!
High Carbon Steel

Each Nordquist Designs knife is crafted from 52100 high carbon steel. Originally developed for bearings and other ware items, 52100 is one of the premier kitchen cutlery steels, known for good edge retention and toughness while still sharpening easily. Each of my knives are heat treated in house using my own receipt for a hardness of 60-61 Rockwell C. You may notice small dots on your knife, almost like pin pricks, this is where I have tested the hardness of your knife to verify its hardness after the initial quench and temper!

S-Grind Details

Most knives available, be it custom or production, have what is commonly known as a flat grind, meaning the faces of the knife merge at the edge in a ‘v’ shape. The issue with this design is its flat sides cause ingredients to suction, leading to a build-up of freshly cut ingredients on the side of the knife.

The s-grind solves this issue—a deep hollow milled into the blade just above the edge creates an S shape when looking down the knife from the heel, which allows air to get behind the food with every slice. This eliminates the suction present on flat ground knives, and makes quick work of even the most hard-to-cut ingredients (think onions, potatoes, and cucumbers).

The s-grind design is not ground at all, but milled—the machining process adds an unmatched level of precision to the hollow. Once the hollow is made, the bevel and distill taper is hand ground, with a convex edge designed for added food release.

Handmade Leather Wrap

Each of the knives includes a handmade leather wrap which, like all Nordquist products, is crafted in-house. The case is made from 6oz oil tanned leather sourced from S.B. Foot Tanning Company, the principal leather supplier for Red Wing Shoes. An auburn leather lace is woven into the supple leather, securing the knife inside. This simple case is as functional as it is elegant, offering safe storage for your new knife—or perhaps your old one!

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