Antler Burr Pin

$75.00 USD
  • Most Burr Pins will have a diameter of 1.5” - 1.75”.  
  • Just like a feather, no two burrs are the same. Shapes and coloring may vary slightly. 
  • Every Burr Pin has been collected from deer antlers that naturally shed in nature.
  • Every Burr Pin is assembled in Charleston, South Carolina.
          THE STORY

          We take pride in making great conversation pieces.  The Burr Pin, made from the base of the deer’s naturally shed antlers, is no different.  We took the unmistakable antler burr and put it through a 30 day process until it became the shiny new addition to your favorite jacket. 

          • Each Burr Pin arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box.

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