Dr. Vranjes

Carparfum Scented Refill

$28.00 USD

The scented refills for Carparfum are available in four of the most popular Dr. Vranjes Firenze fragrances in the world. Created in Florence by the Master Perfumer to gratify those who love his fragrances even while driving, guaranteeing the feeling of pleasure and comfort of your home.

Our scented refills are perfect for making every car trip a unique and memorable olfactory experience. You have the possibility of choosing between a wide variety of scents which include: the elegant notes of Ambra, the sparkling notes of Ginger Lime, the woody notes of Milano and the sweet and fruity notes of Rosso Nobile.


The duration of the perfume refill is 2-3 months.
This is equivalent to 35-40 hours on medium ventilation at 22°C/71.6°F.

1. Open the Carparfum by turning the octagonal disk counterclockwise.
2. Remove the protective film and insert the scented refill inside the Carparfum, make sure to position the logo toward the bottom.
3. Close the Carparfum by turning the disk clockwise until you hear a click.
4. Hook the Carparfum to the air vent.
5. To adjust the diffusion of the fragrance, simply raise / lower the side lever. There are three levels of intensity.

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