Dr. Vranjes

Melograno Candle

$48.00 USD

When you can't resist those enveloping and succulent notes of Melograno, the Tourmaline-Melograno scented decorative candles are the perfect choice: created from the highest quality waxes without additional solvents and only using the purest essences, they bring a touch of magic to every area. A marriage of the highest quality perfume and refined Made in Florence artistry: the olfactory pleasure is perfect in creating an enchanting. Designed from an exclusive technology that joins certified waxes with pure essences completely free of any solvents allows it to diffuse its delicious scent without creating any smoke. Each scented decorative candle is enclosed in a refined colored glass vessel hand-made by expert Tuscan masters of glass making. The distinctive octagonal form is inspired by the dome of Brunelleschi's cathedral.

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Category: Scented Candle

Candlewick Number:

80 g / 3 oz: 1
200 g / 7 oz: 1
500 g / 18 oz: 4
1000 g / 35 oz: 6
3000 g / 106 oz: 8
6000 g / 212 oz: 10


Base Ø x Height
80 g / 3 oz: 6,2x6,8 cm
200 g / 7 oz: 9x9 cm
500 g / 18 oz: 12x12 cm
1000 g / 35 oz: 15x17 cm
3000 g / 106 oz: 19x24 cm
6000 g / 212 oz: 24x30 cm

Color: Red

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