Dendrobium - Feather Circle Earrings

$145.00 USD

Modern and stylish, the Dendrobium gold circular earrings combine bold blue peacock feathers with rich jade goose to create an angular pattern that offsets the frame. Lightweight by design, you can wear these earrings from day to night for striking style.

  • Feathers for each pair of earrings are hand-selected giving each pair a unique coloring.
  • Each earring drops approximately 1" from the ear. 
  • Earrings are 1.25" in diameter.
  • 18k Gold Plated stud with post push back.
  • Suitable for sensitive ears (nickel-free and lead-free).
              THE STORY

              Spring 2023 is in full bloom, and this year's women's collection takes its cue from the incredible variety of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes of one of co-founder Ben's favorite flowers - the orchid. While in college, Ben worked at Wayside Gardens Florist where he was first drawn to the uniqueness of these delicate plants. Just as each Brackish piece is one-of-a-kind due to the hand-selection of the feathers used, every orchid has distinct features that make it a rare and beautiful addition to any space. With an inherent air of mystery, the orchid harkens to the undiscovered treasures that await us on our next adventure.

              Dendrobium is a genus of orchids in the family Orchidaceae. It is a very large genus, containing more than 1,800 species that are found in diverse habitats throughout much of south, east and southeast Asia, Australia, and many of the islands of the Pacific. Up to six leaves develop in a tuft at the tip of a shoot and often feature a large number of flowers arranged along an unbranched flowering stem.

              • Each pair of earrings arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box. 
              • A list of the feathers used in craftmanship and instructions on how to care for your earrings are included.
              • To maintain an optimal look, store your Brackish earrings in their box and avoid contact with water, creams and sprays.

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