Jameson Lapel Pin

$65.00 USD

Jameson is crafted with navy blue goose feathers. Wrapped and secured with burlap twine.

  • Each Plum Thicket Pin measures approximately 1" wide and 2.875" tall.
  • To fasten to your desired garment, a brass eye pin and stopper lies behind each plum thicket thorn. 
  • Each feather used in production is all-natural and sustainably sourced.
  • Feathers for each Plum Thicket Pin are hand-selected, giving each pin a unique coloring. 
  • Each thorn is foraged in the upstate of South Carolina by our co-founder himself and each Plum Thicket Pin is hand-crafted in Charleston, South Carolina.

Jameson is named after the Jameson mamba snake that is native to Africa. This species is highly venomous and is recognized by its slender build and green coloring.

  • Each Plum Thicket Pin arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box.

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