Knock Out - Feather Wide Cuff Bracelet

$225.00 USD

Brown peacock feathers are deliberately placed at alternating angles to highlight their natural gold iridescence, creating an intricate and eye-catching pattern.

    • No dyes are used, giving each cuff a unique coloring.
    • Wide cuffs are 1.5” wide and 7" in circumference.
    • Cuffs are completely adjustable to fit any wrist size. 
    • Each cuff is crafted with 24k gold plated, nickel free hardware.
          THE STORY

          As Brackish continues to celebrate their anniversary year, the Fall women's collection honors 15 years of blissful marriage - and the wedding that started it all - between Ben and Mary Ann. When naming the pieces in our women's collection, Ben has chosen to use names of the flower most often given for celebratory occasions of love - the rose.

          The Knock Out rose was developed in the late 1980's and changed the floral industry forever. Bred to be low-maintenance and easy to grow, it has since become the most popular family of roses in the world with over 90 million being sold since it bloomed in the market. A durable constitution paired with a delicate aroma made it the perfect inspiration for our feather inlay cuff design, as we believe this head-turning style is sure to become the most popular piece in your jewelry box. 

          • Each cuff arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box with a suede lined bag. 
          • A list of the feathers used in craftmanship and instructions on how to care for your cuff are included.
          • To maintain an optimal look, store your Brackish cuff in its box and avoid contact with water, creams and sprays.

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