Ocean Song - Multibezel Cuff Bracelet

$125.00 USD

Effortless and elegant, you can't go wrong with this all black, turkey feather cuff. Small feather inlaid bezels pop against a delicate gold band for versatile style.

  • No dyes are used, giving each cuff a unique coloring.
  • Multi-bezel cuffs are crafted with a thin wire band and are 7" in circumference.
  • Each cuff features 7 small feather adorned bezels. 
  • Cuffs are completely adjustable to fit any wrist size. 
  • Each cuff is crafted with 24k gold plated, nickel free hardware.

As Brackish continues to celebrate their anniversary year, the Fall women's collection honors 15 years of blissful marriage - and the wedding that started it all - between Ben and Mary Ann. When naming the pieces in our women's collection, Ben has chosen to use names of the flower most often given for celebratory occasions of love - the rose.

Ocean Song roses have an antique feel with their delicate petals and uniquely antique feel. With lavender petals that symbolize enchantment, these beautiful blooms are often a sign of love at first sight, which is how we hope you'll feel when you place this dainty bezel cuff upon your wrist. 

  • Each cuff arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box with a grey micro-fiber bag. 
  • A list of the feathers used in craftmanship and instructions on how to care for your cuff are included.
  • To maintain an optimal look, store your Brackish cuff in its box and avoid contact with water, creams and sprays.

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