The Debonair Collection

Oren and The Guild's Fable

$9.99 USD
A boy shielded from his families past, an epic quest for the truth, unexplored lands and unimaginable creatures. Will he find the answers he’s looking for, or is the truth not always as it seems?

Fifteen-year-old Oren Bodhi is an orphan that has been raised by his grandfather and has been hidden from the sorcery world. Unbeknownst to him, his grandfather is an ex-member of The Guild – a league of sorcerers who protect the world from evil and they have all been hunted down except a small few. His entire world is seemingly turned upside down when The Guild summons his grandfather to assist them in hunting down the mysterious villain from his past that seeks vengeance by exterminating The Guild and starting an apocalypse. 

When his grandfather never returns Oren is visited by a stranger and goes through The Awakening - discovering that he comes from a long lineage of sorcerers. Seeking answers about his families past and the fate of his grandfather Oren teams up with the stranger; to travel to The Never-Ending Tundra in search for a yeti and sorceress that can help them locate his grandfather. The unlikely alliance of misfits must endure hardships as they journey through frozen tundra’s, dark forests, and vast swamplands while facing creatures unimaginable. During his journey Oren discovers that his grandfather has a dark past and the man that raised him may not be who he thought he was, but answers will have to wait as everyone teams up to battle dark forces from another realm.

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